Saturday, November 22, 2014

Angel by Ulla's Quilt World

I saw this kind of angel at the Craft Fair in Tampere (Finland). Of cource I had to make it also.I have made also the clay buttons and the ladder. The angel is about 10 cm (3,9 inches) long. 
I will add the pattern for this angel a bit later. It's not ready to be published yet.

Sain idean tähän enkeliin Tampereen Kädentaitomessuilta. Olen tehnyt myös savinapit ja tikkaat. Enkeli on noin 10 cm (3,9 tuumaa) pitkä. Lisään kaavan tähän enkeliin hieman myöhemmin. Kaava ei ole vielä julkaisukelpoinen.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Christmas tree quilt - YoYo

The size is 52 cm x 38 cm. (20,5 inches x 15 inches).
How I did the tree trunk? The fabric is from my old wool skirt. It's 100% wool. I washed it by washing machine and the fabric became felt. (Sorry my bad english!)

Joulukuusen jalan olen tehnyt 100% villakankaasta jonka olen huovuttanut pesukoneessa. Reunakangas on samaa kangasta, mutta sitä ei ole huovutettu. Koko on 52 cm x 38 cm.

I got the idea for this Christmas tree quilt from a book below. I didn't use the pattern as you can see.
This pattern was published in " Burda Patchwork quilts et appliqués" nr 40 - winter 2013 ( French edition) under the name " Mon beau sapin"

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Love quilt + pattern, pillow

I have made the applique by using a "normal sewing machine".

I have a "normal sewing machine".
This battern is a bigger size.

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